Perez devastating: ‘Beukema is always there, he also loves attention’

AZ won against the puny FC Vaduz in the final phase on Thursday evening, but Kees Kwakman and Kenneth Perez have few good words for the Alkmaaders. This is mainly due to how the AZ players reacted to the late goals and victory.
AZ had a very difficult time against Vaduz from Liechtenstein. The club plays at the second level in neighboring Switzerland, but AZ only managed to decide the game after a red card. At ESPN, Kwakman first focuses on Milos Kerkez, who assisted on the 2-1. โ€œHe fell in well, but he acted like the Champions League was in. I don‘t want to say it was embarrassing, because AZ won 4-1, but they ultimately needed another red card to win against Vaduz, who also got a chance to win 2-2 in the ninetieth minute.โ€
โ€œI hope Pascal Jansen will be a lot more disappointed in his commentary than his players were on the field,โ€ Kwakman continues. โ€œYou can be happy when you score a goal, but to grab the corner flag and jump all against each other when you make the 2-1 against Vaduz…โ€
Perez shares colleague Kwakman’
s opinion. โ€œThat Kerkez is waving that flag and that Beukema is always there. Of course, he does like attention when he or someone else scores. I would say: just walk back quietly. You play against half an amateur team that is second to last at the second level in Switzerland.โ€