Perez expresses discontent: ‘Who determines this is a top match? ‘

Kenneth Perez believes that the matches between AZ and PSV do not deserve the predicate topper. The ESPN analyst was unimpressed by the Alkmaarders and did not put his opinion under seats or benches after the 0-3 PSV victoriously at the AFAS Stadium.
ESPN set the game between the runner-up and three last season as a top performer, but the Dane couldnt agree with that. โ€œWho labeled this as a top perch?โ€ , he wonders at The Eretribune after the match. โ€œOn the basis of what is that? AZ doesnt make this a top perch, right They havent shown it for the past ten years. AZ really wants us to call this a top, but yes..โ€
The North Hollanders went down in their own house at 0-3 and Perez saw proof that the formation of trainer Pascal Jansen is not a top team at all. โ€œIt
s fun, nice, offensive and energetic but the real quality of playing an opponent apart is not in it. They create too few opportunities and are not bold enough. AZ just isnt that good quality, a subtopper.โ€