Perez: ‘I hope for him this is correct or they have to suspend him’

Kenneth Perez cant get to the point why PSVs 1-0 against William II was not frowned upon. Everyone could see that Carlos Vinícius was offside in the run-up to the goal and put the ball back, but according to referee Jochem Kamphuis, that action didnt affect the final goal.
Perez doesn
t understand that at all. Willem II should have had the ball there, he says during This Was The Weekend on ESPN. The referee says that the ball is put back and only then continues, as if something new emerges. But this is very reminiscent of the cup final (an Ajax goal was then rejected after a similar situation, ed.).
Kamphuis, the man who wielded the flute at Philips Stadium, is not the only culprit, according to Perez. The linesman should flag and should see that it is offside here. Thats not Kamphuiss fault, because when the linesman flags, theres nothing wrong.
However, Perez did not like the explanation at the end of the director. The Danish analyst could not imagine that a new situation indeed arose after Vinícius headed back the ball. He says that this situation does not affect the goal, but it does not. I hope for him that what he says is true, because if he doesn
t, he should be suspended. You cant just come up with something.