Perez on ‘outright scandal’ in Lille: ‘Tagliafico the greatest schwalbekoning’

ESPN analyst Kenneth Perez fell from one surprise to another during the final phase of Lille-Ajax. Arbiter Ivan Kruzliak gave a penalty to the Amsterdammers, was signaled by the VAR, looked back at the images and stayed with his decision: Dusan Tadic scored for Ajax, which according to Perez got away well.

Colleague Kees Kwakman thought that Ajax got ‘a little help’ from the Slovak referee and Perez agreed with this. Ajax earned it on the basis of the game, but it is of course an outright shame, says the born Dane. The VAR also gives that pancake a chance to fix it…
Nicolás Tagliafico decorated the penalty in duel with Renato Sanches, analyzed Perez. Tagliafico jumps in and lets his leg get on Sanches‘s. Sanches’ leg is already there, so he jumps in. And Tagliafico… If you know him a little, that is, of course, the biggest schwalbeking there is. And he does this smart, you can say with Ajax eyes. But it is, of course, an outright disgrace.
Presenter Jan Joost van Gangelen still sputtered against it, but Perez didn‘t want to know about it. What you’re about to say now comes from someone who really doesn‘t understand football. It makes no sense at all, because Sanches’ leg is already there: the other one has yet to come. Then there‘s nothing, says Perez. It’s good for us, for Dutch football. But it has to be fair and square, preferably.

YES! Dusan Tadic uses the penalty for Ajax and gives his team the extremely important outgoal. #RTL7 #lilaja #UEL
— VTBL âš½ (@vtbl) February 18, 2021