Perez pleads for change in PSV lineup: Incomprehensible hes playing

Kenneth Perez doesnt understand that Roger Schmidt chooses Phillipp Mwene in the base at PSV. The Danish analyst would draw up Jordan Teze himself as a right-back at the Eindhoven club.
โ€œI find the nonsense that Mwene plays as right-back instead of Teze,โ€ Perez starts his speech at Dit Was The Weekend. โ€œThe leadership has given the key to Schmidt, but a coach is a passant. Let
s just say Mwene and Teze are equally good. Then you have to choose your own player, who you trained yourself and renewed his contract recently?โ€
โ€œTeze said he wanted to focus on the right-back position, because of competition in the center,โ€ Perez continues. โ€œHe just wont have any chances. Its incomprehensible that Schmidt made it to Mwene and hes playing. If Mwene were so much better… Thats not true.โ€
Mwene is working on his first season at PSV, which picked him up transferfree at FSV Mainz 05 last summer. Teze was the regular central defender at the Eindhoven arena in the previous football year, but since Andrรฉ Ramalhos arrival, this has not been the case anymore. At the right back position, Teze is now no longer in the position of PSV.