Perez praises ‘one of the best Eredivisie footballers’: ‘Interesting for PSV’

Joey Veerman would be a backup for PSV. That argues Kenneth Perez in the preview on sc Heerenveen – Ajax on ESPN. The 22-year-old midfielder flirted with the step to a top club this week.

โ€œThe summit in the Netherlands seems very nice, I would like to try it,โ€ said Veerman at ESPN. Perez understands that. โ€œI think he could bring a lot of football in PSV if the trainer wants it. Otherwise, it makes no sense. He needs to take a good look at that,โ€ advises the ESPN analyst.
โ€œBecause Mohamed Ihattaren is this way, we think: Schmidt cant deal with technical players. But that wont be the case, will it? He will be able to deal with Veermanโ€, continues Perez. โ€œBut he says he also has a certain instruction manual: if you say something to him, you can expect something in return. Thats not always convenient, especially at a club where two players are pying on your spot.โ€
Perez thinks Veerman is a
wonderful kid. โ€œBut does he also have the sacred fire to play in the absolute top? Does he really want to become kneiterfit?โ€ , he wonders aloud. โ€œHes one of the best football players in the Eredivisie, but top clubs dont always work the way you want, so you have to make concessions.โ€