Perez razed over Nijhuis and Heracles defence: ‘I can be so… about this’

Kenneth Perez was looking at the first half of Feyenoord – Heracles Almelo with an open mouth. Where the analyst was annoyed at the beginning of the game at the beginning of the game, the conduct of arbitrator Bas Nijhuis, the Heracles defense is also given in his speech.
Early in the match, Luis Sinisterra scored, but his goal was frowned upon by an earlier offense by Alireza Jahankakhsh. Nijhuis initially approved the goal, but was called to the side by the VAR. With visible displeasure, he disapproved of the hit. โ€œThat theater, I don‘t like that,โ€ Perez puts Perez in the tranquility of ashore at ESPN. โ€œDraw your own plan. If you don’t think it‘s a violation, don’t whistle. You‘re the boss. He doesn’t have to make that theater. Like: I don‘t really want to whistle, but yes, the rules… โ€œ, continues the Dane, who is also hard at the visitors defence.
Deep in the injury time of the first half, Sinisterra was able to equalize undisturbed. Perez just doesn‘t quite shoot out of his slipper and can hold back just in time. โ€œJust look. I can get so… about this. This is the last minute of the injury time!โ€ , fetes Perez. โ€œTwo men free from Feyenoord! Sinisterra and Jahanbakhsh are completely free. You have one more minute to play! Where are they then?โ€ , he refers to the defense of the Almeloans.
Feyenoord and Heracles rested with a stand of 1-1. Sinan Bakis opened the score, Sinisterra signed for the equalizer.

Bas Nijhuis must draw his own plan, says Kenneth Perez.โ€ If you don’t think it‘s an offense, don’t whistle.โ€ #๏ธ โƒฃ #feyher
โ€” ESPN NL (@ESPNnl) December 1, 2021