Perez sees dilemma for Van Nistelrooij at PSV: Its going to be really exciting now

Xavi Simons left the field angrily against SC Cambuur, but Marciano Vink doesnt want to look for much behind that moment. Kenneth Perez, for his part, wonders if Ruud van Nistelrooij is going to change the PSV midfield.
PSV went down hard at Cambuur on Saturday. In Leeuwarden, the people of Eindhoven had nothing to say and it ended up being 3-0. Simons excelled in the first weeks of the season, but he couldn
t leave his mark either. During his switch, the frustration was visible to the young midfielder. โ€œI just think hes really disappointed in himself,โ€ Vink says about that at Dit Was Het Weekend. โ€œI think he sucks about himself. Due to his performance over the past few weeks, he has written up quite a bit and he also deserves a base spot.โ€
Perez then interrupts Vink
s story to talk about the composition of the PSV midfield. โ€œIts really going to be so exciting what he (Van Nistelrooij, ed.) is going to do in midfield. Is he leaving this behind? When things were finally under control under Schmidt, Guti came in. That is such a control player, every ball that falls off is for him. Now Van Nistelrooij has opted for football.โ€