Perez shares opinion: “I would advise him to sign up at Ajax”

Kenneth Perez believes that Noussair Mazraoui should not leave transferfree at Ajax. The Danish analyst thinks Mazraoui is more likely to be successful at another club if he enters for a million dollars, rather than free.
The Moroccan right back contract will expire in half a year at Ajax. The chance of an extension seems to be getting smaller and smaller. At Voetbalpraat on ESPN, a possible transfer-free Ajax departure from Mazraoui will be discussed. Then you have to wait and see first, Perez starts. I would advise him to sign up with Ajax. Another club is now getting it without any risk.
If it doesn‘t quite work out, you have taken it transfer free, explains the former attacker. When a club is done with him after six months or a year, they can sell it for a few million. But if you’re bought for twenty or thirty million euros, they‘re more likely to have a plan with you. Then you have to be disappointing if you don’t come in the first. And then you also earn about the same thing.
Perez thinks that money is leading in Mazraoui‘s decision. If you sign with Everton instead of Ajax, you get a lot more. Let’s just say Ajax might want to go up to 1.5 million euros. If he can sign transfer free with Everton and he gets four million, it‘s attractive. It’s euro signs.