Perez supports Babel: ‘Completely ridiculous that he would not have a right to it’

Kenneth Perez thinks it is only right to call Ryan Babel for the Dutch team. According to the Danish analyst, the other options on the Dutch wing are not a better choice.
The last few days, votes are going to take Arjen Robben to the European Championships and leave Ryan Babel at home. Perez doesn‘t understand any of that. โ€œI think I am one of the few who find it completely ridiculous that Babel would not have a right to the Dutch team,โ€ he says during Football Talk on ESPN. โ€œWhat do you mean he has no right to it?โ€
According to the Dane, the competition on the sides of Orange is not impressive. โ€œWhy should he not be entitled to it compared to all those other outsiders who do not or hardly play at their club? And why is he always the one people say, โ€œOh, if you take him, you can take anyone?โ€ I think that is a very special statement.โ€

Babel Robben ๐Ÿฆ โ€œIf you take Babel, I don’t even find Robben that far away.โ€
โ€” ESPN NL (@ESPNnl) May 10, 2021