Perez thinks of Ajax-move Guardiola: “Cant hide his Ajax fascination”

It would not surprise Kenneth Perez if Pep Guardiola ever became the trainer of Ajax. ESPN analyst notes that Guardiola has a lot of admiration for the Amsterdam club.
Guardiola is crazy about Ajax, says Perez in the studio at Voetbal Talk on ESPN. He sometimes holds a golf tournament, in which I can participate. He can never hide his fascination with Ajax. I wouldnt be surprised if one day he said, Im coming to Ajax.
On Saturday Richard Witschge told in an interview with De Cceit that he hopes that Guardiola will come to Amsterdam someday. Its probably not real financially, but maybe hes such a fan that he would want to work at Ajax someday. He has always said that he finds Ajax and Ajax football very inspiring, so who knows, Witschge then said. Guardiola currently has a contract with Manchester City until mid-2023.

Guardiola ♥️ AjaxI wouldnt be surprised if he came to Ajax one day
— ESPN NL (@ESPNnl) May 31, 2021