Permanent ode to Cruijff: statue unveiled in front of Arena

The statue of Johan Cruijff created by Ajax supporters was unveiled today at the Johan Cruijff Arena.

Because of the corona measures it was not possible to have the unveiling of the statue take place according to the original planning. In consultation with the Cruijff family this new moment was determined. A very limited group of people was allowed to be present.

Collection action

The Amsterdam workgroup ‘This man deserves a statue’ – with the family’s permission – put their heads together to bring a permanent ode to Cruijff.

The fundraising campaign started in the summer of 2018, with the idea of having a statue within two years. The necessary 75,000 euros had been raised within three months, thanks to Ajax supporters. Sculptor Hans Jouta then set to work with the statue of Cruijff, who passed away on 24 March 2016

“The picture looks great. On behalf of the family I would like to thank all the supporters of Ajax who worked hard and contributed to the realization of this beautiful tribute to my father. He would have been proud of this. When you walk past it, you see Johan Cruijff”, says son Jordi.