Perpetrator of French attack confesses: Id rather tell the truth now

One of the arrested men suspected of beating Kheira Hamraoui (photo) has admitted to being involved. Thats what he said in court on Thursday.
Hamraoui, player of Paris Saint-Germain, is said to have been beaten on behalf of teammate Aminata Diallo. Presumably to hurt Hamraoui in such a way that she couldn
t play. That would offer a perspective for Diallo, who still firmly denies. Hamraoui was dragged out of her car and knocked out of her car. That was in November.
Now one of the men has confessed. โ€œIt was me. Im tired and Id rather tell the truth now. It was me who carried the iron rod and it was me who hit Kheira Hamraoui twice. My accomplice acted like he was holding Diallo.โ€ The intention would have been to pretend that Diallo was also being attacked, to remove her suspicions.
Two men did the physical work, two were ready with a getaway car, but a fifth person would also have been involved. โ€œHe described himself as a friend of Aminata Diallos cousin. He wanted us to attack Kheira Hamraoui and pretend to Diallo.โ€
โ€” Kheira Hamraoui (@kheirahamraoui) September 17, 2022