Perpetrator of Orange shooting knew his victims

The perpetrator of the fatal shooting Wednesday in Orange, American, south of Los Angeles, knew his victims. Four people were killed in the shooting, including a 9-year-old boy.

In addition to the child, two women and a man were killed. Another woman was hospitalized with injuries. The shooting, according to local police, was the deadliest in the city since 1997, took place in an office building.


The defendant was hospitalized after a firefight with the police. According to police, the arrest had a personal and personal connection with the adult victims. โ€œThis was not a random act of violence,โ€ said the police.

In the investigation of the shooting, a semi-automatic firearm and a backpack containing pepper spray, handcuffs and ammunition were found. The police believe these items belong to the suspect.


Politicians reacted shocked to the deadly violence in Orange. โ€œTerrifying and heartbreaking,โ€ responded Governor Gavin Newsom of California. He spoke on Twitter about a โ€œterrible tragedyโ€ and said he was sympathize with the next of kin.

The United States was repeatedly shocked by bloody shootings last month. On March 16, eight deaths were killed in Atlanta. Less than a week later, ten people died when a man started shooting at a supermarket in Boulder.