Perpetrators of Brussels committed “test murder” on random man

Two of the suicide bombers involved in the terrorist attacks in Brussels in 2016 allegedly committed a random murder at the end of 2014 because they wanted to test what it is like to kill someone, writes the Belgian newspaper De Morgen on the basis of a reconstruction.

A 76-year-old man from Brussels died because of this. He was shot on 14 December 2014 while he was on his way to a cafe to watch a football match. The Belgian police could not have found a motive for the murder at the time and no perpetrators were found.

Based on the reconstruction, De Morgen now concludes that the murder was committed by the brothers Ibrahim and Khalid El Bakroui, who themselves died in the attack on a metro in Brussels in 2016. who survived the attacks.

One of them stated in 2016 that Khalid El Bakraoui confessed to killing him. He said the police had recovered the body and that it was. He smiled when he told me this, said the terrorist in the statement. The victim would have been randomly chosen. They would have wanted to test what it was like to kill someone.

The widow of the victim says in De Morgen that last year she heard from her lawyer that the brothers are probably responsible for the murder of her husband.

The attacks on 22 March 2016 killed 32 people. Around 8:00 a.m., two bombs exploded in the departure hall of Zaventem airport. A little later, a bomb exploded in a subway. Three suicide bombers died.