Pest Control authors revealed gameplay trailer

Studio EON46 and publishing house Ritual Interactive have published a new trailer for their strategic simulator Pest Control. And it showed exactly how our hero Lenny is doing his task: exterminating insects and parasites of different sizes and hazard. Players have to take their hands on pest control, and basic mission training takes place at the base.

There we pick up the right gear, suitable traps and appropriate weapons. The more success, the more useful skills and improved equipment you can open.

The cleansing process of rooms is as a turn-based strategy. And in addition to various poisonous sprays, Lenny will have other weapons to help deal with particularly malicious pests.

Pest Control is currently in early Steam access, but as early as July she should release. More on CCeit Sea of Thieves, Sekiro, Horizon Zero Dawn and Forza Horizon 4 โ€” in Top 10 Fresh Steam Chart In CD Projekt believe Cyberpunks 2077 work is already satisfactory Sennheiser selling business?.