Pete S. is a relatively unknown leader in the world of crime

Today, the police are carrying out raids and arrests in the Netherlands on a large scale with some 750 officers. According to the police, the target is a criminal organisation dealing in synthetic drugs. The main prize, according to crime reporter Mick van Wely, is the arrest of Piet S.

“S. has been active in the drugs environment for forty years, up to the highest level and with contacts worldwide”, says the CCeit journalist. He places The Hague sixties in the top five of the largest criminals in the Netherlands.

Van Wely describes S. as someone who operates quietly from the shadows “and not the big cowboy”. As a result, he is less well known to the general public than other national leaders.

The police can neither confirm nor deny that S. is one of the eighteen people arrested. The same applies to the lawyer whom, according to De CCeit, S. represents. But the crime journalist says that the lawyer has confirmed it against him, as well as several anonymous sources.

Dozens of cars seized

The scale of police action indicates that they are very large players. After all, it was an international operation involving a total of 1 000 police officers with 62 raids spread across five countries. Dozens of cars were seized.

Dozens of cars have been seized and some premises where drugs, weapons and cash were found have also been seized. The suspects are accused of drug trafficking, money laundering and participation in a criminal organisation. The series of arrests was the provisional climax of a four-year investigation.

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In his life, S. is linked to numerous drug barons and criminal organisations. From Klaas the Reverend Bruinsma in the Netherlands to the infamous Cali cartel in Colombia, which competed with Pablo Escobars gang. But S. has never been convicted of large-scale drug trafficking or liquidations, with which he has also been associated.

Crime journalist Van Wely: “He often escaped the dance or received a low sentence. Now we need to find out whether there is enough evidence to get him convicted this time for a longer period of time. I am sceptical at S. whether that will work

Tons of hash

In the past, the judiciary has tried to do so on a regular basis. One of the most powerful crime syndicates in the Randstad conurbation”, a public prosecutor calls in 1991 the gang that S., together with Marco E., is said to have led.

The organisation would have made many millions from the large-scale hashish trade. The then 35-year-old S. would eventually be sentenced to ten years imprisonment and a fine of 100,000 guilders. According to Panorama magazine, he will also be fined 30 million guilders by the Tax and Customs Administration.

In 1996 the Dikke, a reference to S.s impressive stature, was released again. “After that S. went into the xtc-trade, for which he was sentenced to a low sentence”, says Van Wely. The criminal would then have focused on the international cocaine market.

At the beginning of 2013, he and his then 36-year-old son were arrested for involvement in the robbery of a drug transport in Belgium. The Public Prosecutor suspects that S. was the commissioner of the robbery, in which Kalashnikovs were shot at a moving truck. In the end, the Fatso was only convicted for possession of weapons and preparatory acts, because firearms had been found during a search.

Crime journalist Van Wely calls it remarkable that S. has been active in the underworld for decades. Unlike many other top criminals, he has not been liquidated. “He is therefore known as the silent one. Not someone who goes to Amsterdam and throws money into fancy tents, or starts a revenge campaign at the slightest moment”