Petition against offending Muhammad in Knights Hall nailed

Nearly 125,000 people have signed a petition against insulting the Prophet Muhammad. The Nida political party symbolically confirmed the petition on the door of the Ridderzaal this afternoon, according to its own opinion because the members of the parliament did not want to receive the petition.

Singing dozens of supporters of the party came to the Binnenhof this afternoon to convey their message. The leader Nourdin El Ouali believes that the signatories are ignored by politics. โ€œThis voice is not seen and understood in the House of Representatives. No member of the parliament signed the petition. What a contempt of more than 125,000 citizens.โ€

The petition is a call to offend the Prophet Muhammad. In November last year there was sharp criticism in the House of Representatives of the petition, which was drafted shortly after the jihadist murder of the French teacher Samuel Paty. Several MPs found that tasteless. Paty was murdered because he showed a Muhammad cartoon in the classroom.

The Islam-inspired party Nida hopes to enter the House of Representatives in the elections on 17 March. The party is now in the municipal councils of Rotterdam, The Hague and Almere.