Petition against stopping Other Times signed more than 20,000 times

The petition against the deletion of the regular episodes of Other Times on television is fully signed. On Friday afternoon, more than 20,000 people have already left their autographs.

Fans of the NTR program started the petition, addressed to the NPO, Friday morning. The authors speak of a โ€œhistorical errorโ€ and ask for the preservation of the award-winning history programme. The hashtag #AndereTijdenMoetBlijven has been trending on Twitter for a while.

The disappearance of Other Times also leads to questions from the House of Representatives. CDA player Lucille Werner, who presented himself for the NPO Lingo, wonders whether it is not right for the public broadcaster โ€œto create programs that โ€œdig a blow deeper?โ€ She announces to ask questions to the Minister. JA21-foreman Joost Eerdmans (also former NPO presenter) also believes that the program is part of the public task.

Christian Union leader Gert-Jan Segers and SPer Peter Kwint say that they do not want to interfere in the programming of the NPO, but express their displeasure with the disappearance of the programme. Green Left MP and historian Corinne Ellemeet calls it โ€œeternal sin.โ€

The NPO simply has to create beautiful programs for every generation, says media reporter Rob Goossens in de Cultuur en Mediapodcast: