Petition for protection Nobel Prize winner Mukwege signed 10,000 times

A petition to protect Nobel laureate Denis Mukwege has been signed over 12,000 times. The initiators want the Dutch government to support the activist and gynaecologist in Congo, who is threatened with death.

The Congolese doctor has helped thousands of women raped and victims of sexual war violence and was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2018. He has been protected by UN troops for years; in 2012 he survived an attack on his life. But because of the corona crisis, the UN aid has been withdrawn.

That is why the Refugee Foundation and the Mukwege Foundation started a petition on Thursday. The two organizations want the Netherlands to do everything possible to protect Mukwege. Earlier this week, the PvdA said that the government should push for the resumption of UN support for the gynaecologist.

Threats unknown

Last week, the UN Human Rights Commission called for an investigation into the death threats. The body recognizes that the life of the activist is in danger. It is still unclear who is behind the threats. His open condemnation of human rights violations in Congo probably have something to do with it.

Nieuwsuur interviewed Mukwege about his work in 2018: