Petition in support of Days Gone 2 gathered over 100,000 signatures

The petition in support of the creation of the Days Gone sequel has gathered over 100,000 signatures – it appeared after information that Sony remained unhappy with critics and production reviews process of the original. The idea of the sequel was abandoned. However, the players themselves warmly welcomed the project – because of this even a small scandal broke out, because for writing some reviews critics clearly did not pass the story campaign, which for fans were clearly clear because the review stated outright lies.

A rare case for Metacritic, when players engaged in almost reverse review bombing – tried to raise the average rating of Days Gone. Notably, the distribution of the petition is actively engaged in Days Gone director Jeff Ross.

He left Sony Bend at the end of last year, and now works at NetherRealm (Mortal Kombat, Injustice), but still actively supports fans on Days Gone. More on Gambling Blizzard prevents Fox TV channel to register the trademark Diablo Sony has updated the trademark Sunset Overdrive Fresh rumors about the imminent release of GTA VI do not have under them basics are why.