Petrovic goes away from the pain: Ill never let this in my life

Willem II trainer Zeljko Petrovic returned to the club on Wednesday, only one day after his back surgery. The question is whether he can be against PSV next Sunday.
Petrovic was helped at the hospital in Tilburg with an acute hernia, which cost him the away match against FC Utrecht. โ€œThe doctor went to the pinched nerve with a syringe and injected something into it,โ€ Petrovic tells Brabants Dagblad about the so-called blockade.
โ€œI had anaesthetic, but that didnt really help. The pain was ten times as bad as I had in my back all week. And then some other stuff had to be sprayed in, which should help in the longer term. That too was undoable. I think they heard me all over the hospital…โ€
It was immediately the last time Petrovic underwent such an intervention. โ€œNow that I know what it means, I
m sure Ill never let this do again in my life. If anything has to happen again, a real operation. Under anesthesia.โ€