Pfizer: Keep coronavaccin under less low temperatures

The PFIZER/BionTech coronavaccin may also be stored at less low temperatures. The companies claim to have sent new data to the US regulator FDA showing that the product remains stable even at temperatures from -25 to -15 degrees.

Pfizer and BionTech ask the FDA to adapt the guidelines for the storage of the corona vaccine. Then the vaccine can be stored under those temperatures for up to two weeks. If the regulator so decides, the distribution of the resource will be much easier. The vaccine is currently stored at temperatures of 60 to 80 degrees below zero. It can be stored so for half a year.

Special containers

PFIZER/BionTech vaccines are shipped in special containers because of this requirement. Theres dry ice in it to keep the resources cold enough. Long-term storage can now be a challenge for countries that do not have the infrastructure to do so.

Pfizer and BionTech say that they will also send their new research data to other supervisors. That will happen in the next few weeks. The drug is used in the Netherlands, among other things.