Phantom Authors: Covert Ops Announce VR Action Movie Fracked

Studio NDreams during the event PSVR Spotlight announced its new project, the adventure action film Fracked. This is a game for virtual reality, in which we have to shoot a lot – and at the same time run, ski and climb the rocks. In the game we will have the role of a hero who is forced to stand up to the defense planets from enemies from other spaces.

Players will be able to move freely around the battlefield to bypass enemies from the flank, and travel at great speed without any limits. The creators of Fracked note that to make the game such they were able to only with the help of Sony‘s advanced technology, including through the use of PS Move controllers.

The game is released in the summer on PlayStation VR and will support the PlayStation 5. More on CCeit Memny platformer Bang-On Balls: Chronicles came out on Steam In Poland make the game SybirPunk based on Michal Golkowski’s books Song in the Smoke will send us to survive in the prehistoric world.