Phasmophobia authors can add ‘nightmarish’ complexity to Halloween

Phasmophobia creators can add a nightmarish level of difficulty to the game, timed to coincide with Halloween โ€” a hint of this thanks to Trello, a website where the studio publishes details of what is being worked on at the moment. In the fresh card, you can see the headline โ€œHalloween Update. โ€ Most items are marked as โ€œeditedโ€, and the very first is called Nightmare Difficulty.

Apparently, the authors dont want to reveal all the details before the update is released. While on Reddit, fans are thinking about what might be lurking in other items.

One user suggested it would be new sounds, ghost events and animations, but the developers responded negatively. More on Gamemania Psychological Horror In Sound Mind Released โ€” Release Trailer Rumor: Game Pass Subscribers Approximately 30 Million People Bloober Team Wants To Playโ€ Champions Leagueโ€ alongside Naughty Dog or Bungie.