“Phil Collins puts ex-wife out on the street after secret marriage.”

Bumblees at the Collins house. Phil Collins wants his ex-wife Orianne Cevey expel from his house and even threatens a lawsuit if she doesn‘t leave herself. However, Orianne does not intend to move, and in turn threatens to do “shameful revelations” about him if he continues the case. Sadly detail: Phil wants her gone, because she was recently secretly married to another man.

Phil and Orianne gave each other their say yes in 1999, but broke up nine years later. In 2016, however, the two came back together, after Orianne was paralyzed after a failed operation. She temporarily ended up in a wheelchair, after which Phil took care of her and fell in love again.

Although both of them repeatedly wanted to marry each other again, the situation in 2020 looks completely different. According to TMZ, Orianne would have been secretly married to a Thomas Bates two months ago while telling Phil to be on a business trip.

And so Phil wants her out of the house as soon as possible. According to TMZ the singer would have given his ex until Friday 15.00 hours the time to leave. However, Orianne has stayed where she is and has even changed the codes of the alarm. It would also like to renegotiate the terms of their separation in 2008, now that the USD 40 million it received at that time would have already run out. Phil is now planning to open an expulsion case on Monday to put her on the street. However, with that he runs the risk of some dirty laundry being hung out, because Orianna would have threatened ‘shameful revelations; to do about him if he did go to court.