Phil Spencer believes Halos future does not revel in Halo Infinite performance

Xbox chief Phil Spencer responded to a question about how the success or non-success of Halo Infinite would affect the future of the franchise. According to Spencer, the truth is that he doesn‘t even โ€œreflect in similar categoriesโ€ regarding the game to come. Halo will be with us in 10 years as well.

Does this depend solely on Infinite’s performance? Certainly not. Phil SpencerAccording to Spencer, the series has so many fans and such a rich history that it won‘t go anywhere.

He also added that authors are working hard to make Halo Infinite appeal to fans. At the same time, Spencer is confident in the team of developers, who are without a doubt pressured by responsibility for such a popular universe.

From his perspective, Infinite will appeal to millions of people, but someone will surely think that the creators could have accomplished more โ€” and that’s fine. But the Halo Infinite release situation doesn‘t resemble a story when โ€œeverything is at stake.

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