Phil Spencer is sure that Microsoft would hold Bungie now

Microsofts head of gaming Phil Spencer told Axios that he understands why one of the most famous game studios in Xbox history has decided to become independent of technology giant. Microsoft bought Bungie in 2000, and a year later released its first console hit, Halo: Combat Evolved. At the same time, the first Xbox console was released.

Since then, Bungie has managed to create several more Halo games, and in the process left the company in 2007 and soon released the Destiny shooter. And work on Halo has moved to other divisions.

According to Spencer, Xbox has since learned a lot and understands the great ambitions of the first Halo creators. Bungie made a lot of money at the time, but now, seeing what the series has become, its executives may think Microsoft made more money from the breakup than they did.

Spencer is sure that if this the situation was happening now, Microsoft would definitely try to keep the studio, and maybe it would have succeeded. However, history has no subjunctive mood.

Meanwhile, Bungie celebrates its thirtieth anniversary in its main project, Destiny 2. And Xbox is already releasing Halo Infinite on December 8, a new part of the Bungie series.

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