Phil Spencer: the relationship between Xbox and Activision has changed after the scandal

In an interview with the New York Times, Xbox chief Phil Spencer confirmed that the relationship between Xbox and Activision Blizzard has changed after the recent scandal. Spencer reiterated that reports of the scandal inside Activision Blizzard, he was saddened and disgusted, and also noted that the past of Xbox is not perfect either. Game Developers Conference 2016, which was attended by dancers in schoolgirl costumes.

According to Spencer, this unfortunate event has taught the company to be better, so he hopes he can help fix others. Unfortunately, exactly how the relationship between Xbox and Activision Blizzard has changed nbsp; – Spencer did not tell.

However, he believes that it is not his job to punish other campaigns for misconduct, but shareholders and boards can judge who is the CEO Recall that last year the Wall Street Journal published exposing material, which shed light on the inappropriate behavior of the executive director Activision Blizzard Bobby Kotica. Many demanded that Kotik resign, but this did not happen.

The management of Activision Blizzard called the allegations inaccurate and misleading, and also insisted on the lack of evidence. In addition to Spencer, recall, their concern about the scandal within Activision Blizzard, also expressed the head of Nintendo of America, the organizer of E3 ESA, the head of Sony Interactive Entertainment and host of The Game Awards.

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