‘Photo in book’ costs Belgian Tara Gins job as team leader

Belgian ex-cyclist Tara Gins (30) sees a track as team leader drilled through the nose after the team in question made a problem of โ€œa picture in a bookletโ€. Thats what she says in a post on her Instagram account.

Gins complains talks about double standards in the cycling world. โ€œI was literally assaulted in the past. Apparently, as a man, you like a little more. I had an oral agreement to join a team as a team leader this year. A mens team, where I would work with the promises and the elites,โ€ explains Gins on her Instagram page. โ€œThats something Im looking forward to, because thats the direction I want to go. But apparently someone made a problem with a picture in a booklet of me.โ€

The rider cannot understand that. โ€œI dont mind now that it doesnt happen anymore. Its probably better this way. I dont want to work with people who dont see my abilities and just walk with the herd. In cycling there is still a lot of thought in boxes in all areas.โ€

Dual Standards

Double Standards, Gins says. โ€œIn all the years Ive spent, Ive been through so many negative things with shift managers or caregivers. Ive been literally assaulted. There was a mecanic crawled into the shower with me once after a workout. I was once kissed by a staff member who had to push that person away from me. I once received very inappropriate comments from team leaders about how I looked, about my weight, that they would do me if I looked different. I had a manager who came in when I was massaged to say how horny I looked,โ€ she sums up.

โ€œ Ive always opposed it, Ive always pushed it away from me. But all that stuff Ive been through makes this even more frustrating. โ€œI have now stopped racing and want to do my own things, get opportunities. And then theyre taken back by those jerks, sorry to say so, who use a double standard. Apparently, as a man you can do something more in the world.โ€

Source: Het Nieuwsblad