Photo of Italian disaster gondola shows blocked emergency brake

In the investigation of the recent fatal accident involving a cable car in Italy, a photograph of the gondola in question, which has been intentionally blocked by the emergency brake system.

A photographer from La Stampa made that record on May 9, two weeks before the accident with 14 deaths, when he was on his way to a sporting event at Monte Mottarone. The people in the full gondola are clearly visible as well as the red hooks which, according to the Italian newspaper, prevent the emergency brake from doing its job.

According to experts, this technical device should only be installed in the case of maintenance work. Investigation of the accident on Pentecost Sunday near the village of Stresa suggests that the cabin crashed due to the failure of the emergency brake. The hooks in question would have been set up because the braking system caused malfunctions in the transport service on the mountain.

The research to find out the cause of the cable breakage is still ongoing. The chief of engineering was placed under house arrest as a possible suspect.