Photos of crowded US detention centers embarrass Biden

American President Biden has been embarrassed by photographs of a crowded detention center in Texas. Requests from news organizations for access to the centres have been repeatedly rejected, but a Democratic Congressman has been able to take photographs and forward them to the Reuters news agency.

The images show that migrants, including minors, have to sleep on a thin film on the floor and be separated with plastic cloths. Keeping enough distance doesn‘t seem possible. It is a detention center in Texas, where an estimated thousand people are housed.

The Biden government says in a response to work on more facilities for incoming migrants. For example, children must have access to health care and education. โ€œThese photos prove that the centers are not suitable for children,โ€ said White House Spokesperson Jen Psaki, โ€œbut the alternative is to send them back on a dangerous journey.โ€

Critics and human rights organisations have long been demanding that Biden make more work on improving reception centres, although the Democrat has already committed a more humane policy and reverses migration constraints from his predecessor Trump. One of the people who have the fiercest criticism is Congressman Henry Cuellar, who took the above pictures.

At the same time, Conservative America fears that Biden’s policy will lead to a large increase in immigrants, as migrants under Bids believe they have a greater chance of obtaining a residence permit. According to Reuters, 5000 minors are currently staying unaccompanied in American detention centres.

In 2018, President Trump introduced a zero-tolerance policy that separates children from their parents at the border. A few months later, the policy was reversed, but agencies are still looking for divorced family members and assisting reunited families who have been traumatized.