PHOTOS: Rutte has explained resignation cabinet to king

Prime Minister Mark Rutte explained the resignation of all ministers and secretaries of state to the king at House ten Bosch Palace. Meanwhile he left there again, confirms the Rijksvoorlichtingsdienst (RVD). With the offer of resignation, the Cabinet has become demissionary.

Earlier on Friday, the Prime Minister spoke to the press. Then he left by bike, under loud yelling by bystanders, from the Binnenhof to the king. He considered the application for resignation and asked the Prime Minister, Ministers and State Secretaries to continue to do what they consider necessary in the interests of the Kingdom, reports the CVD.

According to Rutte, his demissionary cabinet will do everything that can be expected in the interests of the country. โ€œOur fight against the coronavirus continues. In the coming months, our work will be focused on corona and on dealing with the economic and social consequences with all the aid packages announced.โ€