‘Physical superieure’ The Ligt passes brilliantly for testing in crucial Serie A squatter

Matthijs de Lit can breathe relieved after a crucial Wednesday night for Juventus. The almost dethroned Serie A champion started the catch-up duel with number five Napoli as number four of Italy, but won 2-1 and seems to achieve Champions League qualification at least. De Lijt played with La Vecchia Signora for ninety minutes: what did the Italian press think of his performance? Football scoop makes a round along the fields.
De Lie and his fellow defenders had to take one goal against the rival: Lorenzo Insigne captured the 2-1 final score just before a penalty. Il Messaggero saw that same Badge gave his Dutch opponent a difficult evening and handed out a 5.5 to De Ligt. “He had more trouble than expected, although he was physically superior and threw his body in wherever he could.”
The other Italian media were a little more enthusiastic. For example, TuttomercatoWeb put half a point higher: a 6 for De Ligt. “Mertens was no match for him on a physical level. But the running actions of Zielinski and Insigne caused him a lot more trouble.”
The Italian branch of Eurosport also pulled half a point and lost a 6.5. De Ligt, however, was not given this report figure. “In the first half he had only Mertens opposite him and he simply stood up. After rest, Osimhen joined and had to stand on the barricades to hold off Napoli.
The same figure, but a completely different opinion, was found in the reports of 90min.It: according to this medium, De Ligt was the driver of the JUVE defense.
He organized as a leader, made little or no mistakes and even dared to press to the midfield.
After all, CalciomCato was the most enthusiastic and rewarded the performance of De Lie with a 7.
He was punctual as ever in the duels and kept his team far from their own goal. He had one tackle on Osimhen that had as much value as a goal.