Picked up man with gun around inauguration Biden ‘is security er’

Update – An American man was arrested last Friday in Washington at the place where the inauguration of Joe Biden as President of the United States will take place next week. New information shows that it is still unclear whether the man had any rogue plans.

The man had a fake proof to give himself access to the event, reported Wolf Blitzer, CNNs most famous presenter. The man arrested would not only have had a gun, but 500 bullets.

Joe Biden will be installed as president on Wednesday. The government has great fear of further armed riots following the storm of the Capitol on January 6.

The man turns out to be a security guard who his wife says should work at the Capitol, says a journalist from The Washington Post. In his car there was a weapon visible to everyone. He did show an admission ticket, but that was not valid. His vehicle was also ammunition. Yet it is unclear whether the man had bad intentions.

Police have announced that this is Wesley Beeler (31).