Picturesque paradise – the authors of Call of Duty: Warzone revealed a new map “Caldera”

The authors of Call of Duty: Warzone published a teaser trailer for the first season of Pacific and presented a new picturesque map Caldera. It is reported that the Caldera is divided into 15 various locations, including fields, mines, docks, a village and an airfield. In addition, there are about a hundred points of interest open for players to explore and gain tactical advantage.

The map will be available to all players on December 9, and Vanguard owners will be able to try it out already on December 8. TrailerScreenshots More on Gambling The release of GTA: The Trilogy on physical media will be held on December 17 The cooperative shooter Aliens: Fireteam Elite will be added to Xbox Game Pass December 14 Company of Heroes 3 Multiplayer Early Alpha Test Started.