Piemeltbakster withdraws from Islamic Party

Jolisa Brouwer from Waalre is no longer a candidate for the Lower Chamber of the Muslim Party of Unity. The bakster received a lot of criticism after it became known that she makes sensual cakes, including pecky, breast and buttock pies.

โ€œ The fuss around my baking became too big and I dont want to put my party in a bad lightโ€, Brouwer tells RTL Nieuws. โ€œI was very excited to go for the party in the House of Representatives. Its a pity, though there are worse things in the world than a wiener.โ€

The woman only joined the party a few months ago. She ended up at number three on the candidate list. Party of the Unity participates in the national elections for the first time this year, the party already has a seat in The Hague. The cake maker regrets that so much fuss has arisen about the cakes. โ€œMany Muslims are very open-minded, but there is also a group that is struggling with it.โ€

Brouwer cut the knot to stop Tuesday morning, after a conversation with leader Arnaud van Doorn. โ€œIm pulling back. Voluntary. The fuss harms the party too much, and I do not want that.โ€ Stop baking the pies was not an option. โ€œReally not. No thinking about it.โ€