Pierie ‘routinier’ at very young Twente: ‘Show how to beat Ajax ‘

Under the harsh laws of a top club is also the rapid imaging. Not ruthlessly enough and occasionally catch an expensive mistake. For example, Kik Pierie quickly became the mispurchase of 4 million euros at Ajax.

โ€œ It was also very instructiveโ€, Pierie, now rented to FC Twente, looks back on his year in Amsterdam. โ€œI‘ve seen things at Ajax that I’ve never been confronted with before.โ€

The central defender grew up in the protected environment of sc Heerenveen. From the age of six he played there in youth and at the age of 16 he became the youngest league butant in club history.

He finds it too easy to say afterwards that he should never have left for Ajax, just as he thinks it is too early to judge after ten league matches whether FC Twente is the right choice.

Role of meaning

โ€œ I feel good here,โ€ Pierie says nevertheless about his stay in Enschede. โ€œI wanted to play at the highest level again, and that‘s what happens now.โ€

Pierie even plays a significant role in the Eredivisie with Twente. With an army of mercenaries, the Tukkers have settled in the subtop. โ€œWe have confidence and a very clear way of playing. And we have shown how to beat Ajaxโ€, he refers to the handsome 2-1 victory from the beginning of December in the Johan Cruijff Arena.

For Pierie the return tonight is just a match, albeit one with a special edge. โ€œOf course, it’s the club you played last year,โ€ says Pierie, who shares an Ajax past with his teammates Queensy Menig, Vรกclav Cerny and Danilo. All guys with their own story, but also with a joint band.

โ€œ Ajax plays in a very clear way. There you are confronted with a certain game view in a certain way. Very offensive football. Those guys are looking at the ball for the solutions that you recognize yourself in.โ€

Soolish red card

Many people seem to have been written off definitively by the Amsterdammers, but Cerny (via a buy-back option) and the mercenaries Danilo and also the 20-year-old Pierie are certainly not out of the picture with Ajax yet.

โ€œ I wanted to join the level of Ajax 1 as soon as possible and grow in the role of basic playerโ€, Pierie is honest about his ambitions. But even in Jong Ajax he did not convince the critical base, with a silly red card at a 4-0 lead against Go Ahead Eagles.

โ€œ Where you always play at Heerenveen and are in the picture, you have to start at the bottom of the ladder at Ajax. That did something to me,โ€ Pierie confesses. โ€œAnd if you don‘t do it right once or twice, they have 33 other good players ready.โ€

The hard lessons have formed Pierie quickly. Ron Jans therefore considers him almost as a routine in his young team.

The trainer notices that Twente is again respected by his opponents because of the way in which the fallen top club has set up from scratch before the winter stop. And that also applies to Pierie himself, who, due to an injury, barely had a decent preparation, but has found his turn completely.

Pierie has already completed the necessary interland with Dutch youth teams, but meanwhile his development is also being monitored from the United States. He was born in Boston, where his father and former top hockey player Jean-Pierre Pierie worked as a surgeon at the time.

Double passport

โ€œ I think everyone is dreaming. I have a double passport, so the possibility is thereโ€, realizes the defender. โ€œBut only when I even qualify for an A-team will I think about it.โ€

Pierie feels the trust with the team. And also from Jans, his trainer in Enschede. Just as he was thrown for the lions as a teenager by Jurgen Streppel for the first time in a playoff match of sc Heerenveen against FC Utrecht.

Sรฉbastien Haller then scored with a heel for Utrecht. Tonight, the French-Ivorian striker happens to be his opponent again in a match in which his eyes will be on him.

Pierie doesn’t hold a grudge at Ajax. โ€œAt that time, it was the best step and I still support it.โ€