Pierie stunned after misunderstanding: “Why the hell is he whistling?”

Kik Pierie is quite through after his misunderstanding in the duel between Jong Ajax and Roda JC. The defender thought there was whistling and picked up the ball in the penalty area. However, the game never stopped and the Kerkrade club was allowed to take a penalty kick.
In the end, Jong Ajax lost the match 1-0 because of the penalty kick, which was used by Dylan Vente, and afterwards a clearly agitated Pierie appeared in front of ESPNs camera. That ball came from the side and I thought it was whistling. I thought: we should take a free kick. To the keeper, I said, Ill take it. Thats why Im taking it in my hands. So there was no whistling and I thought so. Just really stupid, admits the defender.
Why the hell is that referee whistling? I want to take that ball, Pierie thought in the moment. Its just stupid, thats all I can say. It has happened, I cant help it, I cant turn it back and its a pity that it has been decisive, concludes the football player. Jong Ajax only took one point in the first two rounds and is divided eleventh in the Kitchen Champion Division.

Kik Pierie is bummed like a plug on the incredible error 😔 I thought there was whistling pic.twitter.com/8Ve3TZw1fu
— ESPN NL (@ESPNnl) August 12, 2022

Short circuit at Kik Pierie; hands and a penalty… 😳 #rodjaj pic.twitter.com/Q1i1JxZfvX
— ESPN NL (@ESPNnl) August 12, 2022