Pierie went to Ajax with aim: ‘Wanted to accelerate that up’

Kik Pierie‘s career is different from what he expected. The 20-year-old defender hoped that his career would gain momentum due to his transfer to Ajax, only that hasn’t happened yet.

โ€œThe step from Heerenveen to Ajax was special,โ€ says Pierie in conversation with AjaxShowTime. โ€œI was still very young, but I had played a lot of matches at a young age. I wanted to speed that up by going to Ajax, to hook up as soon as possible. That step turned out to be bigger than I had imagined. That I have underestimated, in retrospect.โ€
Pierie still has occasional contact with Ajax. Just before the winter, he spoke to the Amsterdam club. At that time, however, there was not much to discuss, since the stopper was out of rotation for a while with an injury. There is a chance that Pierie will have another conversation with Ajax next week. โ€œYes, maybe. We‘re gonna play the game first, that’s the most important thing. Maybe we‘ll have contact afterwards.โ€
Sรฉbastian Haller will in all likelihood become the direct opponent of Pierie Thursday. โ€œThat’
s a nice challenge for me. My debut for sc Heerenveen also happened to be against Haller. That was four years ago. Haller is a very good striker and I have to show what I can do.โ€