Pigeon flies 13,000 kilometers and is now possibly killed

A carrier pigeon that has travelled no less than 13,000 kilometers may have flown to his death.

Joe, named after US president Joe Biden, went missing in October at a match in Oregon, America. The animal was found dead tired on Christmas Day in a garden in Melbourne, Australia. Experts believe that the pigeon may have crossed the ocean on a ship. Because of the ring on his paw, it was possible to find out that the pigeon belongs to someone from Alabama.

Kevin Celli-Bird found the pigeon and helped the animal strengthen through dry biscuits, reports Metro. When news about the pigeon reached local media, Kevin was called by the authorities that he had to catch the animal again so that he could be killed. According to the Australian, it is impossible to catch Joe now, because the endangered animal is now far too fast for him.

A spokesperson for the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service says: โ€œA domestic bird that has not undergone a health check cannot remain in Australia. The only way to guarantee safety is to kill the bird.โ€ Theyre planning on deploying a bird catcher.

โ€œ Since Joe is from America, they are afraid of bird diseases,โ€ says Kevin. โ€œEmployees asked if I could help. But I cant. When I get close, he flies away.โ€

Kevins looking for Joes owner, but hasnt been able to make contact yet.