Pilot among students: first a corona quick test, then to exam

The tension for an exam may be even greater for Groningen students. Students from the University of Groningen and the Hanze University of Applied Sciences are called upon from Monday to take a quick test prior to a physical exam.

The test is voluntary, emphasizes rector magnificus Cisca Wijmenga. โ€œOf course, we cannot and do not want to oblige students to undergo a corontest. If they dont want to cooperate, they can just go to the exam.โ€

In case of a positive test, students can of course not participate in the exam. Then the GGD is turned on. Students will then have to re-take the test later, or take the exam online.

Groningen, Amsterdam and Delft

The cabinet has been looking at whether it can use rapid testing and test proofs, for example via an app, for the coronation policy. The Ministry of Education has identified three educational cities to see how physical education can be resumed safely. Besides Groningen, Amsterdam and Delft are looking for possibilities.

Earlier today, the Health Council advised to consider whether the obligation of a so-called โ€œcoronapas gateโ€ is desirable. In its opinion to the Ministry of Health, the Board does not exclude applications in education.

It is waiting to see how great the willingness among students is, says Rector Magnificus Wijmenga: โ€œWe are very curious about why students would not want to cooperate. We therefore also link a questionnaire to the test. We learn a lot from this, which is why I find it very exciting.


Students who need to take an exam can receive an invitation for a quick test from Friday. At the quick test location that opens Monday, some 350 tests per day can be taken. Within three hours, the students receive the results of the test. A negative test is valid for 24 hours.

โ€œ I would do itโ€, responds student Maureen van Blerk of the Groningen student association Dizkartes. โ€œIts nice that we look at the options to make physical education possible again.โ€

Higher education crave more flexibility. โ€œEspecially for first-year students its hard. It is extremely important that students receive physical education. An academic education is also about discussing with each other,โ€ explains Wijmenga. โ€œAt the same time, we hear that students sometimes feel unsafe in situations, even though we keep a distance of 1.5 meters. We hope that the rapid tests will also contribute to this sense of security.โ€

Student Maureen sees it as a step in the right direction. โ€œIts just a pilot, but its a start.โ€