Pilot crashed by crash plane in Groningen Kornhorn

The pilot of a sports plane was killed on Saturday afternoon by an accident in Kornhorn, reports the police in Groningen. The pilot was the only occupant of the aircraft.

The plane crashed shortly after 15.00 hours in a pasture near a farm on the Noordwijkerweg in Kornhorn (municipality Westerkwartier).


debris of the aircraft were scattered in the pasture. The emergency services ripped out massively.

Investigations are being made to determine the cause of the accident. For this purpose, a police helicopter is used that makes recordings from the air. According to the police, the investigations going on Saturday night for a while.

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The Dutch Safety Board reports that an exploratory investigation has been initiated into the state of the crash.

De Leeuwarder Courant reports that the crashed sports plane would have taken off from Drachten airport earlier on Saturday afternoon.