Pilot of The Last of Us for HBO to be shot by Russian director Kantemir Balagov

The creators of the series on The Last of Us for HBO found a new director of the pilot – they, suddenly, was the domestic director Kantemir Balagov. Original director of the project Johan Renk, who worked with screenwriter Craig Maisin on โ€œChernobylโ€, was forced to leave the show due to scheduling issues. Neal Drakmann still remains in the team of authors.

Balagov, in particular, is known for the last two films โ€” โ€œThesnotaโ€ and โ€œDyldaโ€, and the latter was nominated from Russia on & laquo; Oscarโ€. The author himself has already managed to comment on the purpose: I write with shaking hands.

Dreams come true. Im a big fan of The Last Of Us and I will never forget how this game discovered something new in me, showed something I hadnt seen in myself before.

I didnt believe until the last that it would be possible. Dream, relatives! Kantemir Balagovi finally turned to the screenwriters of the project: Hey Craig Meisin and Neil Drakmann this show will be **********!!! Cantemir BalagoVtochnaya premiere date of the series has not yet, but earlier the creators noted that they want not just to retell the events of the game, but also expand its story.

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