Pilot should appear before court: showed genitals to female colleague

In Florida, a retired Southwest Airlines pilot received a parole on Friday for showing his genitals to a female colleague. This happened on a flight in the cockpit.

60-year-old Michael Haak apologized to the judge who gave him a one-year probation sentence on top of that, on top of that, a fine of $5,000. โ€œIt started as a joke, where there seemed to be consent. I didn‘t expect it to turn out like this in a thousand years,โ€ says the former pilot during an interrogation according to The Daily Mail.

According to the prosecutors, the pilot and his female colleague had never met before the flight. Once the aircraft hung in the air, the sixty decided to undress and watch pornographic material on a laptop in the cockpit. โ€œAs the flight progressed, Hook began to behave more and more misbehave, while his co-pilot attempted undisturbed to resume her work,โ€ the prosecutors said in a statement.


The judge made it clear to Hook in his judgment that his actions had a traumatic effect on his colleague and could have had major consequences for the safety of the passengers of the aircraft. According to lawyer Michael Cunningham, Haak had a duty to behave in a more responsible manner.

โ€œ This strange behavior should not be accepted by anyone,โ€ the prosecution added. The lawsuit took place in Maryland, because that was the place the plane flew over when Hook was up with his pornography.

Chris Mainz, spokesperson for Southwest, stated in a statement that the airline does not tolerate this kind of behavior. Only no more action could be taken against Hook, because he had already dismissed his work before what he had done. At that time, much appreciation was expressed to the dissipating pilot. โ€œWe have been blessed by the fact that Southwest has been your home for so many years,โ€ said Southwest CEO Gary Kelly at the time.

Taking into account

Hake’s lawyer, Michael Salsick, felt that the good work the pilot has done during his career should be taken into account and therefore there should be a not too harsh punishment. โ€œThe shame that came to the public in making the incident is in itself a punishment,โ€ he said.