Piquant photo Kylie Jenner provides more notified voters

Kylie Jenner seems to have really urged her followers to vote in the US presidential election. Almost 50,000 people signed up as a new voter after the reality star called for this on Monday on Instagram with pictures of himself in bikini. This reports TMZ after information from the website Vote.org.

โ€œ But are you already registered to vote? Click on the link in my bio. Let‘s make a plan to vote together,โ€ Kim Kardashian’s half-sister wrote to her over 196 million followers in snapshots of herself in a small flower bikini. The message was liked by nearly 9.4 million people.

After the message, Vote.org saw an increase of 1500 percent of people who ended up on their website via Instagram. The day before, only 2900 new voters came in via Instagram.