Pirate Adventure King of Seas is released May 25

Developer studio 3dCloud and publishing house Team17 have named the final release date for the previously delayed pirate adventure King of Seas. The game will appear on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC 25 may. Those who want to get acquainted with the new free demo of the game.

It is available on the Steam page and allows you to get acquainted with the starting mechanics of the open world and start your pirate adventures. King of Seas is a role-playing action movie in a procedurally generated world.

Players will have an epic adventure, in the final of which we need to return what was stolen. And along the way there is a series of basic and side tasks, which will introduce to a lot of unusual characters.

During the journey through the seas, you will have to monitor the direction of the wind and weather. More than two dozen skills and three branches of talent are prepared for sea battles.

The skills are also applicable to five types of ships, as well as special equipment. More on Gambling Authors Siege Survival: Gloria Victis showed 8 minutes of gameplay The spirit of the hero Rogue Spirit is able to inhabit two dozen characters America will become an expansionist modern era Humankind.