Pirates attack Groningen ship off the coast of Nigeria

This morning, hijackers attacked a cargo ship of a Groningen shipping company off the coast of Nigeria. It is unclear whether the pirates are still on board.

It concerns the ship Water Phoenix of Seatrade, a large shipping company specialized in refrigeration and freezer shipping. The ship was attacked around 09.30 hours and has been at a standstill ever since. There are eighteen crew members on board, none of them is Dutch.

A company spokesman confirms the attack to RTV Noord. “We have contact with the crew and we know the ship was attacked by pirates. But because the connection is bad, we don’t know if the hijackers are still on board and how our crew is doing.”

Earlier hijacked

Piracy in the Gulf of Guinea occurs regularly. It is therefore not the first time that a ship of the shipping company has been attacked there.

In 2018, a ship was hijacked twice. In one of the two hijacks, the captain and a crew member were detained for 2.5 weeks. Whether ransom was paid for their release at that time was not disclosed.