Pitchfork nudity! Rustler left early access

Polish studio Jutsu Games, backed by publishers Games Operators and Modus Games, announced a major event: leaving Steams early access satirical action thriller Rustler, which is described as โ€œGTA in Middle Agesโ€ . The developers thanked everyone who supported them and gave feedback during testing and early access. They are sure that this has been able to improve the game process.

This can be agreed by looking at how Steams mixed user reviews turned into positive and very positive ones. The game currently recommends 81% of buyers.

You can buy it at a release discount for as little as 325 ruble. So far Rustlers creators are not ready to share plans for extras, but they promise not to stop supporting the game.

In the release version, players are waiting for new missions, enemies, animals, dialogues and shelters that can now be bought. Together with the release of version 1.

0 on Steam, the game is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch. More on Gamermania Creator Kainga revealed gameplay with commentary On Maneater released first add-on, Truth Quest Creators Sheltered 2 introduced faction leaders.