Planet Zoo celebrates its second anniversary with balls, bakery and lemur

Frontier is celebrating two years since the release of the Planet Zoo simulator, and for this significant event, the company has prepared a major update 1. 7. 2.

In addition to new content, it opens a festive event where players will receive tons of gifts and rewards. The first anniversary gifts are in-game: a black and white vari lemur, a rare Madagascar species .

And visitors to our zoos will be able to visit Bernies Bakes shops with fresh pastries. In addition, they will receive Wippi Abbonibo โ€œHappy Anniversaryโ€ balloons.

Developers are also hosting a special event for the community. Players will receive rewards by releasing animals.

For every five individuals released, they will be given a special specimen with improved genes and an increased chance of discoloration. And for every twentieth saved will be given an outfit for an avatar.

According to the company, to collect all the prepared gifts, you will need to release about 600 animals. More on Gambling Addiction A new game by Uncharted may be dedicated to the Fantastic Four Telegram is testing advertising messages New screenshots of GTA: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition.